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Searching for Forms

There are a number of ways to find the form you want.

Any way you do it, a selection of our forms will pop up. Click anywhere on the line showing the form you want and a popup box will come up with a full description and more detail on the form. Click on the Paypal button to order the form.

Paying for Forms

Click anywhere in the form’s description to go to the detail popup. Click on the Paypal button and go thru the payment process in Paypal. When you have paid, you’ll receive a receipt confirmation and an email to download your form. This usually happens immediately. If you don’t receive an email from, check your SPAM filter box. If it’s not there, email us for a personal response. We want you happy with us!

Your email contains the link to download your form(s) and you’re good to go! You should also see a download link in your browser after you pay for the form.

You can buy our forms without a Paypal account using your CREDIT CARD. When you have selected your forms, click the yellow “Buy Now with Paypal” button. This takes you to your “shopping cart”. On that page there is a grey button for Check Out “Pay without a Paypal account”. Click on this grey checkout button and enter your credit card.

Downloading the Forms

If you are not familiar with downloading, try these steps: Click on the link to download and you should see an arrow pop up then disappear. Now click on your start bar, usually at the bottom left of your screen, and type in “downloads”. Your form is there. Save it first on your computer (desktop is good) so it will be there as a blank template for your re-use as needed. Once you have saved the blank form, fill in the form online and when you are done, “save as” with a new transaction or property name. Email the form, print it out, or print out a blank form if you want. You can re-use the form for your personal use again and again.

Many browsers will automatically place the file in your Downloads folder. They also will use the bottom status bar of the browser to show you the file. You can click on it to open it, or right-click and Show in Folder. This probably will bring you to the Downloads folder. Feel free to move the document where is most convenient for you.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What forms will we need to rent out a residential property?

A: To initially screen tenants, use the Tenant Application form. When their credit and references check out, use the Residential Lease-Rental Agreement for either leases or month-to-month tenancies. California rentals require the owner or manager give many forms to the tenants. In addition to the CA Residential Lease, add the Landlord Certification (for the Water Heater/Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Detector) and the Mold Advisory. California also requires a a href="forms.php?ID=149">Bedbug Addendum. Nevada has their own set of special forms, including Public Nuisance Lease Addendum. Regardless of where the housing is located, if it was built prior to 1978 you'll also need to give tenants the Federal Lead-Based Disclosure and the EPA booklet (which you can download free on the site). We recommend that you and the tenant use the Move In/Move Out Checklist to note the condition of the property both before and after the tenant vacates. That will be a good start!

Q: What should I use to lease out our commercial building?

A: If you are not a broker/agent (which requires other disclosures) use the Commercial Lease. It is flexible and can be used with gross, net, or adjustable terms. If it's a sublease, use the Commercial Sublease form.

Q: If we purchase a form is it mailed or do we get a PDF?

A: You will receive an email from us immediately after your payment is processed. The email has a link to download, which you do within 24 hours. Save the form as a blank template form on your computer, and when you want to fill it in, you do that online and then “save as” your specific name or property. You can go back to your blank template and re-use it as you want.

Q: I didn’t get any email or download link.

A: That could be for several reasons: Please check your spam folder for the email. Please make sure you gave your correct email to Paypal when you ordered the form, as that’s where your form is sent. Please make sure your payment was processed and you checked out. If none of this works, call us at 415-898-8823 or better yet, email us at We will find the problem and fix it. And we’ll make sure you get your form!

Q: I need a set of forms for a residential transaction where there is no “agent” involved. Seller and buyer have a verbal agreement at this point. So we need a purchase contract. What else do we need? Can I order a package of the forms that I will need?

A: We don’t offer a package for residential purchase, as there are so many forms required by the CA civil code and each individual transaction is different. It will probably best answer your question if you order the form entitled Escrow Time Line Checklist so you can see the batch of potential disclosures needed. This list doesn’t include the contract or the negotiation forms, such as any Counter Offer from Seller, Counter Offer from Buyer, Contingency Removal, etc. but the list does cover many of the forms you may need. If the property is a condo or PUD, you can grab those specific disclosure forms in the SEARCH box on our site – just type in “condo”. Here’s another helpful tip: The Nevada Residential Purchase Agreement and California Residential Purchase Agreement both offer a paragraph-by-paragraph guide as to the disclosures required by each unique sale transaction. Pick what’s appropriate for your direct sale.

Q: There’s no “agent “ involved, so what do I do with those reference in your forms?

A: Just leave those areas blank or type in “N/A”. We always include spaces that pertain to real estate brokers because they buy our forms, too. These sections are part of a usual CA form contract.

Q: Do your forms work on Macs?

A: yes, they do.

Q: Can I re-use the forms I purchase?

A: When you purchase one of our legally-approved forms, you can use and re-use it without further cost. Keep the forms you purchase on your computer. They don’t expire, although they may require updates if the civil code changes. There’s no annual charge as there is with a subscription.

Q: Can I see the forms before I order?

A: Yes. There is a thumbnail image (of the first page only) on the purchase page before you check out. Click on it to see an enlargement.

Q How can I split up a PDF into multiple pages or documents?

A There are a number of ways you could do this:

  1. If you have Adobe Acrobat you can easily split PDFs by opening the PDF in Acrobat and selecting to Document / Extract Pages and follow the prompts to extract and save pages or groups of pages to separate files.
  2. If you have a PDF printer installed (like CutePDF - which is free), you can print individual pages to PDFs by selecting that printer for output.
  3. You could use one of the many free online PDF splitters - one of them is iLovePDF.
  4. The Chrome browser can help you do this. You basically drag the doc into Chrome and print it – saving to PDF files.

    If you have Google Chrome installed on your PC, it can actually do this. Google Chrome includes both an integrated PDF viewer and print-to-PDF features. Drag-and-drop a PDF file into the Chrome browser window to open it in Chrome. Click the menu button in Chrome and select Print. Click the “Change” button under Destination and choose Save as PDF.

    Under Pages, specify the range of pages you want to extract. For example, you could enter 1-5 to extract pages 1-5, or enter 1-3, 6, 9 to extract pages 1-3, 6, and 9. If you want to split a PDF into several files, repeat this process — for example, print one PDF file with pages 1-5 and a second PDF file with pages 6-10.